Monday, June 26, 2006

Yeah I know. NEGLECTFUL. What of it?

So a couple of people have been buggin me a bit to update. Sadly, I have done nothing interesting. No wait, I did go to Calgary to see my nephew! That was a good time. He's super cute. You can see newer pics of him here. And the west coast is a nice change from Ontario. There is a certain something that hits you when you get there. Maybe its the mountain air, maybe its the manly eau de' sexy coyboys, who knows? (Okay I didn't actually see any sexy coyboys, but they have to be there somewhere). Everyone who lives in Canada should visit the East Coast for the Ocean, and the West Coast for the Mountains. Because if you think Ontario is Canada, you be wrong, yo!

Other than that, I have been preoccupied with trying to find yet another dress for another wedding. Weddings can be fun right? Sure they can, when you are lucky enough to find something decent to wear. I am not one of those people. I shop and shop, and I buy, then I return, then I regret returning, and re-buy. Then decide I was the right the first time, and return again. I am so indecisive when it comes to clothes. Its hard being me. Which reminds me I have to book a flight back from NS. You see, I am recapturing my childhood by driving with my mom and dad to Nova Scotia. In the car, for that loooong time, I may be slightly insane. But I'm cheap, and now I only have to book a flight back as I am only going for the weekend, and they are staying longer. I decided not to go longer, on account of not having the best time last summer. My sister will be there too, with Nolan. YAY! Now chances are, I'll have a blast and be pissed at myself for not staying longer. But that's the way I roll.

Hmmm..what else is new? Oh I went horseback riding for the first time ever. It was fun. I liked the trail ride. Mostly the horse walked nicely, pausing for snacks. But it hurt like a mo'fo' during the whole trotting part. I was cursing not wearing a sports bra. Or duct tape. Seriously could have given me black eyes for crying out loud.

Anyhoo, I hope this meets the requirements for posting that my sister gave me. I'm sure I'll hear about it if it doesn't.


Friday, March 24, 2006

I can't help it...He's just so cute

Here's a couple pics of my brand new nephew, and the brand new mommy!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Here's Nolan!

Here he is folks! Isn't he just the sweetest?

Friday, March 17, 2006

As Any True Irish Lass Should

My sister had her baby!! A bouncing baby boy, born this morning, March 17th!

He is (though I haven't seen him yet) a scrumptious delight! How could he not with two such gorgeous parents?

Nolan Hollis Riley
6lbs, 14 oz

Mom and baby are doing great! I'm so proud of Tanya, she was a trooper! I can't wait to see my new nephew and as soon as I get some pictures I'll post them!

Auntie Tracy (god that sounds good!)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


OMG! My sister is being induced. As I write this she is getting ready to make me an Auntie. (How kind of her!)So this time tomorrow I should have a wee little nephew. YAY!

My mom and dad are headed to Calgary tomorrow, they booked their tickets ages ago, with the plan that they'd be there about 2 weeks before her due date. But here she is, being all IMPATIENT, and delivering early. LOL. My mom is beyond excited, so I hope they arrive in time. I know she wants to be there for the birth, and my sister wants her there too. Anyway, I wish I could be there, but its just not possible. I will settle for a visit in the near future so I can hog the baby! I'm off for now, with news tomorrow. I promise!


Thursday, March 02, 2006

I'm just doing my part for public safety

Folks, Beware! There is a saleswoman at Burlington Mall who will assault you. She is vicious! Sure she was all smiles while I was looking at all the new Spring fashions. She offered to help me out, carried my choices to the fitting rooms, ran and got me a different sizes. She was great. And then, oh how she turned. As I emerged from the fitting room to see the pair of pants in the mirror, she asked me how I liked them. When I responded that I thought they might be a little low and tight, she responded by reaching over grabbing the waistband and pulling up. The mere force of her action made me lose my balance a little, but even worse, the woman gave me a damn WEDGIE. Who ever heard of the wedgie as a customer service technique? Well I'll tell you. It worked. I totally bought the pants. I had to, actually, seeing as they were quite firmly rammed up my arse.

I just thought you should all know. Be careful out there.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Oh the shame.

God I really do suck. But whatever. Thanks to Aimee's blog where she has publically outted me for being a bad blogger, I am posting this whilst at work, where I have much important work to do, but will take the time to blogaroo - just for you. OOOh see my rhyming, (how do you spell that friggin word???) I am a talented poet.

Lets see, I went to see The Boyfriend on Saturday. And before y'all get excited

(especially my parents, because I swear they must be growing tired of my pathetic spintster ways, and secretly thanking their lucky stars that my sister got knocked up, because god knows they would have to wait years for a grandchild at the rate I'm going.)

Its a play, a musical actually. And it was fantastic! It was full of jazz hands and tap dancing, and fun costumes, and most of all, SINGING!! Yay. For those who don't know, the story is about a girl and a boy. DUH! She is rich girl attending finishing school in Nice. He is rich boy but pretending to be a poor messanger, so she pretends to be a poor secretary so that he will love her (because everyone knows poor people belong with other poor people). But they both don't know the other is rich and they fall in love. Of course, their signals get crossed and there is the nail-biting moment: Will he come to the ball, will she forgive him his lies? But of course, they both come clean in the end and live together forever, fabulously wealthy.

I love how musicals make being poor sound so wonderful and romantic. Shacked up together in a one room apartment in knitted caps eating stew. All you need is love and all that bullshit. What about food and heat? What about subscriptions to Cosmo? And movies? That costs money people!

Theresa and Andrea and I were like the youngest people there, it was a sea of tight white perms, glistening under the lights. And well, you know how I love the oldies! It was all I could do, to not nudge them along trying to get out of the damn theatre. And the old people perfume smell was a little much. But I survived. I am a trooper damn it.

After the play, we went back to Andrea's and we had cheese fondue. YUM. But I found out there is such thing as too much cheese. It was totally worth it though. I miss fondue, when I was a kid our family used to go to this couple my parents knew, Rick and Louise. All I remember about them is having fondue. Well that and watching the Ewoks movie. Weird what you remember about people. We probably had fondue there one time, but it my memory it was ALL THE TIME.

Oh and I took the Go Train in so I didn't have to drive, and on the way home there were tons and tons of drunk people who had just come from the Mapleleafs game. Lucky me, sat behind an obnoxious girl who called everyone "bitches" and told her friends to "suck her dick, and suck that guy over there's dick and your mothers dick" She was a classy lady. I saw her when I got off the train, and she was this little blonde thing, in stilettos and a hockey jersey, yelling into her phone for someone to "suck her dick". Fun times.

Later bitches, suck my dick. (you know what, that does sound CLASSY).